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The first in the Homuncularium series, activated at the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic, Boscastle, UK.

Ritual im-plant-ation of reproductive body fluids from four donors, enacted according to blended protocols by Paracelsus and from the museum's Richel collection, for producing in vitro creatures. Conducted on the lunar eclipse, March 2024 and installed in situ until December 31, 2024. Part of the year-long solo/curated exhibition, Arcanum Sanguinis: Occult Blood by WhiteFeather Hunter. Link to full video available upon request. Participant identities withheld for confidentiality purposes.

Homuncularium Basiliscus video still.png
Homuncularium Basiliscus video still2.png
Homuncularium Basiliscus video still3.png
Homuncularium Basiliscus video still4.png

MOONCALF HOMUNCULARIUM, 2024 with Elizabeth Littlejohn

Red string, like an umbilical cord, magically entwines fates. We wind strings around an incubation hut where body fluids have been poured together to create an alchemical in vitro baby, once called a ‘homunculus.’ Our string symbolizes “Ariadne’s thread,” the ball of yarn used as a way-finder out of the Cretan minotaur’s labyrinth, now a metaphor for unravelling ethical dilemmas.

The Mooncalf Homonculariam is installed as an activated textile sculpture at Athens School of Fine Arts’ Annex of Rethymno in Crete.

A film by Elizabeth Littlejohn and ritual performance by WhiteFeather Hunter

A collaborative project by WhiteFeather Hunter and Elizabeth Littlejohn
TTTlabs BioFeral.BeachCamp 2024

Link to full video available upon request to Elizabeth Littlejohn (@elizlit_art on IG).


Ritual participants:

Marko Markovic, Kim Doan Quoc, Wave (Weeratouch) Pongruengkiat, Natalie Jeremijenko, Prathima Muniyappa, Anastasia Mandel, Shih Wei Chieh (Abao), Elli Leventeri, Viktoria Koniaeva, Serafim Parsaloglou Marathias, Adam Zaretsky, Dalila Honorato, Elizabeth Littlejohn, Uroš Veber, Blue Zaretsky, WhiteFeather Hunter

mooncalf homuncularium video still 2.png
Screenshot 2024-06-21 at 1.13.21 PM.png
mooncalf homuncularium video still 3.png
mooncalf homuncularium video still 4.png
Mooncalf Homuncularium video still 5.png
Mooncalf Homuncularium ritual artifact in situ
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