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OSSA, 2011

iPhone photos printed on archival photo paper, silk and laser etched on anodized aluminum: 10" x 10"

Stitched phototextile wall hanging: 57" x 41"

The Ossa body of work is meant to recall the Vanitas tradition in painting. Many of the photographs were captured in artist studios, on work tables or wherever collections were gathered, as well as outdoors. Additionally, a number of the carcasses were sent as gifts to the artist from other artists. Currently there are over 50 original images, held in private collections worldwide. Ossa has been printed on archival photo paper, on silk and stitched into a phototextile wall hanging, as well as laser etched onto anodized aluminum sheets.


These images were captured using a hand-built digital smartphone microscope, by hacking parts from existing tools. Most of the images were taken of handmade histology slides, many of them created by the artist by hand-dyeing mammalian tissue with traditional histology stains.

MILF, 2013

Milf was presented as a floor piece during the Montreal Erotic Art Festival, held at Foufounes electriques. Spectators and participants were presented with a choice as they entered the festival: to step on the image or not. Reactions ranged from total oblivion to ambivalence to fear of stepping on the work/figure, to obvious pleasure in trampling over it. Meant to reflect various attitudes towards the sexualization of mothers' bodies, Milf on the floor opens dialogue around sexual preference/ fetishism, feminism and objectification. Post-festival, the piece bears the marks of the event in the scuff marks, crack and other imprints that still remain in the surface, even after bar staff mopped over it.

NAILED, 2013

Created for the exhibition, Nails: Community Strength at Gallery 78, Fredericton, NB.

A collection of beautiful, hand-made nails were salvaged from the Charlotte Street Art Centre (Fredericton) during a renovation, and turned out to be older than the 1884 building itself. The Charlotte Street Arts Centre, now a hub for arts and culture in the Fredericton region, has been integral to creating a cultural framework for appreciating, supporting and living the arts in Fredericton and throughout New Brunswick. The group exhibit, “Nails: Community Strength", was a celebration of the individuals who joined together to dream and to build a robust place for the arts in civic life, portrayed through works that incorporate the physical nails as sculpture, decoration, raw material, tool, or axis.

WhiteFeather was the Charlotte Street Arts Centre's first Executive Director, involved in the centre since its doors opened in 2005, and oversaw part of the renovation project wherein the nails were salvaged.

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